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Video Production & Post-Production
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TV / Film / Documentary

Sunset Contract is a feature film written and produced by Indiepend Pictures based in Amsterdam, edited by James in 2016. Visit the portfolio to see more tv, film and documentary projects Central Control have been involved in.

Corporate Videos

Magic in Business is just one of many corporate videos Central Control have been involved in, primarily helping small companies just starting out to promote their businesses. Visit the portfolio to see more corporate videos.

Events & Festivals

Central Control have been involved in filming and editing many events and festivals in the Netherlands and Europe. This is the Grondwetfestival in The Hague (Constitution Festival). Visit the portfolio page for more examples.

Music / Dance / Drama

Central Control specialises in music videos, whether it be a conceptualised video clip or a live multi-camera registration of a concert, dance show or theatre. Visit the portfolio for more examples.

Voice-Overs / Translation / Subtitles

Central Control have the recording facilities for professional voice-overs and provides translations and subtitling in any language. Being a native of the UK, James can also provide English (and Dutch with English accent) voice-overs for all kinds of productions, from corporate to documentaries. Visit the portfolio for examples of James’ voice overs. 

Real Estate videos / Drone / Steadicam

Central Control recently invested in Dji technology with Mavic drones and the Osmo Pocket with 3 axis stabilizer for those super steady aerial shots, hyperlapses and timelapses. The perfect combi for real estate video.

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